Promotional Products Marketing

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What are the best promotional products?

Promotional items are things that you give away to clients so they will share your business name out in the community. You want your clients to have a positive memory of their experience with your business. Try to give them products they can use in daily activities. Of course, your branded promotional objects should be cost effective.

Start Simple

When first considering what products to invest in, start small. Magnets are ideal if you’re selling a service or offering repairs. For example, every service business needs to have a magnet on refrigerators throughout the community. You can hand these out with every service call. Be sure to add a line that reads “Referred by” to get your clients to share positive experiences with their friends. Offer a service discount or a service contract upgrade to clients who provide quality referrals.

For example, if you offer appliance repair services and get a call from someone who needs their refrigerator checked out, find out how they got your information and be sure to reward anyone who gave you a good referral. Word of mouth can be a great way to grow your business.

Strive for Community Visibility

Your budget for promotional products doesn’t have to be large to be effective; it simply needs to relate to your business. If your business is about health and wellness, offer a discounted or free workout class and hand out reusable water bottles.

If your clientele is a bit older, offer glass cleaning kits or cloths as promos at the door of your shop. For those who don’t have a brick and mortar store, consider putting together a small branded tote bag with a notebook and pen inside. The more reusable products you can offer your clients, the greater your chance of getting visible.

Pick a Cause

Consider combining your charitable giving goals with your marketing and branding needs. If you are asked to sponsor a sports team, of course you will pay for tee shirts and other gear as a sponsor, and this gear will include your logo and business name. While handing these out to the kids, make sure the parents have the option to pick up pens, magnets, or magnetized white boards for use or for posting in their home.

Part of the work of getting your business visible means making it easy to move your logo and business name around the area. Why not pair up the offerings? If you sponsor a team and the kids get a tee shirt and a hat, make sure that parents get a visor cap or a hand-held fan to use. If you live in a part of the world that suffers hot summers, consider investing in cooling neck scarves that feature your brand. Your business name could easily be shared from ball parks to major vacation locations.

Visibility Matter

Make sure to keep multiple versions of your logo available for your promotional materials printer. You’ll need a color logo to show up on a white background. Make sure you also create a white logo to show up against a dark or strong background and a black or grey-toned logo for simpler printing jobs.

Keep your logo extremely simple and make sure that your name is boldly printed and easy to read in all colorized promos. As your business grows, you’ll be asked to join up with other businesses to support larger events. Your logo may be one of many printed on a tote bag or a shirt. It may be reduced in size by the producer. If it’s too busy, it will be impossible to read next to other logos.

Tailor your promotional items for better visibility. When the opportunity to pair with other businesses come up, find out if you can set up a pavilion at the event. If you’re one of the sponsors for an awareness walk on a particular disease, offer pre-filled water bottles with your logo at your table, or fill a cooler with your cooling towels and hand them out to participants. Your pavilion will get a lot of traffic, you can share your logo with volunteers who share your ethos, and you can meet other business owners in your community.